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Salamun Alaykum

‘Assalaatu amoodu din – in qubilat qubilat ma siwa. Wa in ruddat ruddat maa siwa.’ 
 ‘Salaat is a pillar of religion – if accepted, the rest of good deeds will too be accepted, and if rejected the rest will too be rejected.’
According the jurisprudential rules regarding our salaah, it is mandatory for the Arabic pronunciation to be correct to a minimal level in order for our salaah to be valid.
Keeping this important rule in mind, the SAAJ Tabligh Committee is organinsing a ‘Makharij for Salaah’ initiative whereby members individually approach our resident Aalim to get tested on their regular adhkar and qira’ah in salaah so that we may be confident that our makharij is acceptable during our salaah.
  • The test can be conducted as many times as one pleases until the acceptable level of makharij required during salaah is reached.
  • These tests will be conducted on a private individualized basis upon appointment basis with our resident Aalim - Sheikh Ali Samojah (0722 338485) 
  • This initiative is not limited to age or gender and will be running over a period of 6 months upon commencement.
  • The suwer being tested are common ones which are recited during our salaah.  
Successful completion of this initiative will result in attainment of a certificate from the examiner to confirm that you have reached a good level of makharij required for the acceptance of salaah.


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